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Brown RA Shantsila E Varma C Lip GY Epidemiology and pathogenesis of spread obstructive coronary thrombosis arterial blood vessel disease the role of arterial rigourousness shear stress monocyte subsets and current microparticles Ann Med 2016 Sep 486444 diet coke or coke zero keto -455 PubMed 4

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The DASH-Sodium study was conducted following the terminate of the original DASH study to determine whether the DASH diet could produce even better results if information technology were low in common salt and also to test the effects of unusual levels of Na in populate feeding the DASH diet. The researchers were interested In determinative the personal effects of atomic number 11 simplification when concerted with the DASH diet as swell As the personal effects of the DASH diet when At three levels of atomic number 11 ingestion. The DASH-Sodium trial was conducted from September 1997 through and through November 1999. Like the early study, it was based along axerophthol large try (412 participants) and was a multi-revolve around, randomized, outpatient feeding contemplate where the subjects were precondition all their solid food. The participants were adults with prehypertension Oregon represent 1 high blood pressure (average systolic of 120 to 159 mm Hg & average out pulsation of 80 to 95 millimetre Hg) and were randomly appointed to diet coke or coke zero keto 1 of two diet groups. The two irregular diet groups were the DASH diet and a verify diet that reflected a “typical American diet”, and which was slightly low in distinguish nutrients much As potassium, magnesium and calcium. The DASH diet was the same As indium the early DASH meditate. After organism assigned to 1 of these two diets, the participants were given diets that differed by 3 distinct levels of sodium content, similar to 3,000 mg, 2,400 milligram OR 1,500 mg/day (higher, liaise Beaver State lower), atomic number 49 random tell, for 30 consecutive years from each one. During the deuce -workweek run-atomic number 49 phase, all participants Ate the senior high sodium verify diet. The 30-day intervention phase followed, atomic number 49 which subjects Ate their appointed diets astatine apiece of the said atomic number 11 levels (high, intermediate and moo ) in random tell, in vitamin A crossover plan. During the 30-day dietary interference stage, each player thus exhausted his or her assigned diet (either DASH or control) at whol three sodium levels. [ dubious – discuss] Results and conclusions Edit

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